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New Jack City. Baby Boy. These are CLASSIC Black Films that surprisingly enough, haven't been seen by the Straight from the Hart Producer and that is a big no-no with Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz. The group talks about what Black films people have to watch. All this and more on a new episode of Straight from the Hart!
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It’s Just Dorian
It’s Just Dorian 2 dni temu
“And they got Whoopi and Oprah with no makeup?!”
Tracy B
Tracy B 19 dni temu
I just watched New Jack last year. Mad I never watched it all deez years
whatzup122 27 dni temu
I get flack for this all the time. I have seen baby boy but have never seen Belly, New Jack City, or the Color Purple.
whatzup122 20 dni temu
@Terrance Porter nope I've just seen clips
Terrance Porter
Terrance Porter 20 dni temu
'Paid In Full'?
William Thao
William Thao 28 dni temu
Whatever they eat is aging them lmao
ImPerfectlyTwitta Miesiąc temu
I just saw New Jack City for the first time last year.
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Miesiąc temu
Spank said I fell asleep 😴 for me Malcolm &Marie movie 🎥 😩😩😂😂😂😂 he 🤡 tha whole show
Ronald Wheeler
Ronald Wheeler Miesiąc temu
Fucking racists.... If this was the other way around people would be fired or canceled... Lost respect for Kevin Hart.
Burninya Down
Burninya Down Miesiąc temu
Baby boy,New Jack City and The Color Purple should be seen by all people of all races,colors and creed. Great movies.
TheBrob1983 Miesiąc temu
Corn bread earl and me, never looked at orange soda the same
Ameer 813
Ameer 813 Miesiąc temu
The real husbands of Hollywood was actually a real good Show I hate it when they quit it and I think you’ve got a great viewers
BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer
BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer Miesiąc temu
The dude in the white shirt is annoying
Nathan Lavina Myers ET CRIPPS
Nathan Lavina Myers ET CRIPPS Miesiąc temu
Hay man good stuff 👍
Victoria Miesiąc temu
Did Harry fall asleep at 3:18?! 😂
isiah king
isiah king Miesiąc temu
How about I think no one on dis shizz saw..The Last Dragon. Yall too Rich
Claire Miesiąc temu
I always thought potato salad without potato chunks are called mashed potatoes. And this is the second time this week that I have heard that white people don't season food. I have never eaten food that wasn't seasoned. Even when I couldn't afford much, we always made sure to have salt and pepper. I know that isn't much of anything but when you don't have the money to buy stuff like that, what do you do? Spend $10 on 1 bottle of season or meat to feed 5 people? If you don't have the meat then you don't need the seasoning. Someone told me to watch the Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart podcast and I really enjoyed it so I came over to this channel to get some more of that positive outlook and low and behold another video that speaks negative about white people. Last time I checked I didn't have a choice in my skin color nor do my kids. But I am still going to raise my kids to be good to everyone. We don't teach our kids to be kind to one specific group of people. We don't even tell them to not judge by the color of their skin but by their character because then we are putting peoples color in the conversation. We are not wealthy at the slightest. We survive paycheck to paycheck. And all these movies that you mention, I've seen everyone. Not to mention Menace to Society, all 3 Friday movies which the 1st one will always be the best one and really the only Ice Cube movie that was ever any good. I wish people could just have conversations without someone's race. Disappointed cause I thought this was going to be funny and not racist.
lira jaae
lira jaae Miesiąc temu
I love Wayne!!!!
sean L
sean L Miesiąc temu
When Wayne says “...he watched it from a different perspective...” .
James Smith
James Smith Miesiąc temu
Kevin this woman is so funny! If there's anyway you can help her with a role in something, I think she has a lot of talent! Peace and love.
Talisa V
Talisa V Miesiąc temu
Well he’s adopted by white people so that explains it; because I was confused before they said that
NopeNot4It Miesiąc temu
I love Spank!!!
Erica Gray
Erica Gray Miesiąc temu
NOPE..... don't use the producer being "32?" as an excuse, I'll be 33 in April and I've watch New Jack City more than I can recall and I watch it everytime it comes back on if I'm off of work to catch it!
Torre Grimes
Torre Grimes Miesiąc temu
Has he seen Paper Soldiers?
Akeem Earle
Akeem Earle Miesiąc temu
Paper Soldiers should’ve been on this list LOL
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Miesiąc temu
Lol they said he drinking out of a bullet cup. He ain't got no dishes in his house 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hopeton Stewart
Hopeton Stewart Miesiąc temu
If he was adopted there’s no way he knows his real age 😂
Unkle Twann
Unkle Twann Miesiąc temu
If you haven't watched 5 heartbeats. You're black card should be revoked
Breeza Miesiąc temu
Baby boy fye new jack city I seen it but I was younger and im 23 don't diss me red cup gramps
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Miesiąc temu
Joey how long ya dad been out ya life 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 50 plus 2 🤣🤣😂😂
Bonnie Walkins
Bonnie Walkins Miesiąc temu
Cleary, Kevin gets it!😉 I love that he's not one dimensional!!! Smart, with an open mind💜 Stop clowning the Queen y'all 🤩! Thanks for all the laughs guys💜💯
Matt Busch
Matt Busch Miesiąc temu
im white and have seen most of these movies lol
Bala Gomz
Bala Gomz Miesiąc temu
I’m 30 from Australia and I watched new jack city 😂
ARealMack1982 Miesiąc temu
He watched it from a different perspective! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
imeth wijayaratne
imeth wijayaratne Miesiąc temu
Need more what the fit episodes
VCres1000 Miesiąc temu
Menace to society up there too
VCres1000 Miesiąc temu
Hold up harry kids 2000 and up dont know about njc my brother 22 borned in 98 im 24 borm in 96 we know njc😂
Monica Brandt
Monica Brandt Miesiąc temu
Wayne... with make up on....I CANT!!!!
Eric Fry
Eric Fry Miesiąc temu
Another example why its ok for black people to disrespect white people and not vice a versa thanks guy's!
MonTeDra 24
MonTeDra 24 Miesiąc temu
I only watched the beginning of Baby Boy never just sit through it
bob bib
bob bib Miesiąc temu
King of Ny was a classic. "Where my fried chicken black" Fishburne Wesley snipes oh and Deep Cover "Whats the difference between a black man and a N****a" classics
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Miesiąc temu
"You're a monster Nino"
Junior Valentine
Junior Valentine Miesiąc temu
Killa Season was a cult classic
William Waddy
William Waddy Miesiąc temu
Y'all should've played the song on the producers who had never seen New Jack City. 😁
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba Miesiąc temu
"Joey how long your dad been outcha life??" 😁😁
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Miesiąc temu
Tyrone Chandler
Tyrone Chandler Miesiąc temu
Baby Boy is trash! Lol
Latasha Young
Latasha Young Miesiąc temu
Latasha Young
Latasha Young Miesiąc temu
Watched it three times...please u guys watch it if you haven't and recommend it...Romany Malco made a really good movie
Magic _
Magic _ Miesiąc temu
Wayne be way to tuff to blowin hookah smoke into da da camera lol
Big Bad John
Big Bad John Miesiąc temu
“Kevin is right that was super racist.” Just sayin..
Lori Corey
Lori Corey Miesiąc temu
Yes. Thank you Kevin! It’s funny when you make fun of people during a stand up routine. That’s funny. But when you sitting with a group of friends and trash a group of people based on race, we’ll that is racist
Andrea Hardie
Andrea Hardie Miesiąc temu
I have never seen Roots or baby boy, and it comes on every years.
scott fields
scott fields Miesiąc temu
im white i seen new jack city..
Jessica Plourde
Jessica Plourde Miesiąc temu
Wayne, we need to look how "Real Husband of Hollywood" is rated on the top 100 charts.
LWilliams Miesiąc temu
New Jack city is a classic my fav.... and he was raised by White so he gets a pass I guess 🤔
William Waddy
William Waddy Miesiąc temu
🤣 "Play My Song" 🤣
Kev Tv
Kev Tv Miesiąc temu
Wayne is hilarious
lakersfan4ever1 Miesiąc temu
I’ve never seen New Jack City or Baby Boy
Dj Cobbs
Dj Cobbs Miesiąc temu
Yo I’ve never seen this pod, but this clip was Hilarious!!
HouseMDaddict Miesiąc temu
The Thanksgiving one is amazing
HouseMDaddict Miesiąc temu
The whole pods are amazing. You can get old ones on Spotify
Cook N Comedy
Cook N Comedy Miesiąc temu
Right now you have 3 fingers behind your phone, your pinky down low for support, and you're scrolling through the comments with your thumb. I get a follow if I'm correct. 🙏
Nicole Sparks
Nicole Sparks Miesiąc temu
Real husband's of Hollywood was a great show. Made me laugh.
BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer
BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer Miesiąc temu
Underated show Kevin's faces he pulls when he looks at the camera and smiles is hilarious
Churchboy Luv
Churchboy Luv Miesiąc temu
Word it was hilarious!!!
Breeza Miesiąc temu
Fax funny as hell
Love Life
Love Life Miesiąc temu
The best show!!
Zamad Allah
Zamad Allah Miesiąc temu
Hilarious, they were all allowed to just be themselves
Pop Sniper
Pop Sniper Miesiąc temu
Spank that was my favorite part too lmao
Yvonne Ndunge
Yvonne Ndunge Miesiąc temu
Totally loooove you lads. So hilarious
AmillionDollars NeverLate
AmillionDollars NeverLate Miesiąc temu
Cynthia Garbutt
Cynthia Garbutt Miesiąc temu
"Oprah with no make-up, that's tough!" LMAO
William Waddy
William Waddy Miesiąc temu
REIGN 4EVER Miesiąc temu
1trillionth person on here
Julian Lloyd
Julian Lloyd Miesiąc temu
Its 7 of us wtf you do that for
mani kandan
mani kandan Miesiąc temu
Kevin hart sucks!!
Cabdiwaduud Bade
Cabdiwaduud Bade Miesiąc temu
Love u haveee
Tarsha Miller
Tarsha Miller Miesiąc temu
I love you guys!!!
Farhan Labeeb
Farhan Labeeb Miesiąc temu
This is my first time to be 1st in a youtube video 😅 actually
Farhan Labeeb
Farhan Labeeb Miesiąc temu
@Anthony Waters absolutely
Anthony Waters
Anthony Waters Miesiąc temu
Tell him what he wins! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😐
HAVOC J Miesiąc temu
Farhan Labeeb
Farhan Labeeb Miesiąc temu
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